A universally applicable echogenic sheath

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Product description

Encapson is developing its first own product line called “Sono-Sheath™”. It is a thin polymer sheath that can be placed over any manual or (semi) automated biopsy needle.

An echogenic sheath providing instant ultrasound visibility to any biopsy needle is a totally novel product concept, creating a whole new market segment of disposable echogenic add-on products.

The Sono-Sheath™ product line will soon be completed with models for Vascular Access and Brachytherapy needles.

Clinical challenge

Visualizing the needle during US-guided biopsies is a clinical challenge. Poor needle visibility leads to multiple failed passes, tissue damage and false-negative biopsy outcomes resulting in delayed cancer treatment and reduced life expectancy

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The solution

Sono-Sheath™ is a universally applicable echogenic sheath providing on the spot, unmatched ultrasound visibility to any biopsy needle

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For Clinicians1

  • Unmatched ultrasound visibility
    • First-time-right insertions
    • Fast, safe and accurate needle placement
    • Reduced failures and false-negative biopsy results
  • No change in clinical routine

    Physicians continue to use their favorite biopsy needle

  • Cost-effective

    the “on-demand” concept of the sheath allows selective use in more difficult patients

For Business Partners

  • Universal turn-key visibility solution
    • Sono-Sheath™ can be used for any biopsy needle
    • Sheaths for Vascular Access and Brachytherapy needles in development
  • Attractive business opportunity
    • Sono-Sheath™ is a fast moving, “easy sell” product
    • Synergy kit concept: simple add-on product for biopsy suppliers
  • True innovation
    • Unique competitive position, unmatched US visibility, no other echogenic sheaths
    • Sono-Sheath™ creates a whole new market segment of disposable echogenic sheaths
  • Interested in Sono-Sheath™?

    If you are Interested in Sono-Sheath™, please contact us

Regulatory Status

CE-mark dossier in preparation, tentative launch date first half 2023.

1 For EU market only. Claims awaiting clinical evaluation and CE approval.

Upcoming events


November 11-14, 2024

Düsseldorf, Germany

ESRA Annual Congress 2024

September 4-7, 2024

Prague, Czech Republic

CIRSE 2024

September 14-18, 2024

Lisbon, Portugal